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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Galette des Rois by Loic Colliau for Yannick Alléno

Since my wife, Maria, is Catholic, we always celebrate Christmas and put out a small nativity scene in our house. Of all the characters in the scene I am actually most interested in the three kings. The three kings make a visit to baby Jesus shortly after his birth. Today a special cake (La galette des Rois) is made for the occasion which is known as the Epiphany. Since I don't mind eating like a king, I am too happy to buy a galette to celebrate.

This year I ordered the galette made by chef Lois Colliau from Sweet Tea by Yannick Alléno. While I have reservations about Alléno's restaurant in Taipei, I like the desserts at Sweet Tea.  There is no doubt in my mind that Colliau is a very good pastry chef. For the galette he creates a special one that is different from the ones being sold at the other stores in Taipei. Instead of the traditional galette, he makes it with chocolate puff pastry filled with rum infused chocolate frangipane. He marks the top of the galette with the Alléno logo. As always the cake from Sweet Tea comes in a very nice box. The seven-inch galette is priced at NT$880, which seems quite reasonable.

After our dinner I warmed up the galette in our oven and served it to the family. Once again, I didn't get the fève, which is a small tile with the Alléno logo.

Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed the galette. The puff pastry is flaky and the filling is flavorful The galette is just delicious, certainly fit for a king.

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