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Thursday, August 11, 2011


While I wait for clients to pay my fee, I figure I make some "bullion" for myself first; actually financiers, little rectangular cakes that resembles gold bars.

Ever since I bought a so-so financier from my local bakery a while back, I have wanted to make some. I kept thinking that I must be able to make it a little better. Recently I bought some rectangular financier molds and got to work. Financier is a little more difficult to make than madeleine because the recipe for financier requires making some beurre noisette. However besides the butter, the recipe is quite minimal: just some sugar, almond powder, flour, and egg white. The large quantities of egg whites required make the financier a good dessert to do when one makes other desserts like pots de crème which requires a large amount of egg yolks.

The time required in the oven is around the same as madeleine. The cakes are done when they crown and are springy to the touch.

The financier is a rich cake, ideal with coffee and as a little snack in the afternoon or as petit four after dinner. Even without the money from the clients, at least I feel more well off after eating some financiers.

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