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Monday, April 11, 2011

Arbitrage: Jean Paul Hevin Macarons

Jean Paul Hevin recently opened a boutique in Taipei. I was quite excited about it until I read on the news that a single macaron is priced at NT$138. I don't know who came up with the pricing, but that is just ridiculous.

A macaron at the Jean Paul Hevin boutique in Hong Kong costs less than NT$75 (HK$20). Below is a box of six macarons I recently purchased at the IFC branch, and they were delicious.

There is no reason the price in Taipei needs to be almost double the price in Hong Kong. I am tired of shops coming to Taipei and treating the people here like suckers.


  1. Don't mind paying a few dollars extra to satisfy craving for lush delicious macarons. Just grateful that these miniature delights are available in Taipei. Of course, they are cheaper in Paris, but Taipei is not Paris...

  2. Hi Michael Fei. Its my first time to visit your blog and i really enjoy staying here because i can read lots of article im interested in. Cheers! More post in the future!

  3. Hi Michael, The photo you just posted looks yummy. Are they your product?