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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Arbitrage: Lawry's

Recently good friends of ours treated us to Lawry's Taipei. It was actually my first time in a Lawry's. I followed my friends' suggestion and ordered the 7.5 oz English Cut: three thin slices of roast beef served with a salad, mashed potato and Yorkshire pudding. I quite enjoyed the roast beef, which was prepared simply and served without much fanfare. According to my friend, the quality of the meat in Lawry's Taipei is not too far off from the branch in Los Angeles.

While I can't compare the restaurants in terms of taste, I can play a little game of arbitrage and compare the prices. In the U.S., the English Cut is US$34, and adding the sales tax and the service charge, the total cost is around US$43 or around NT$1270. In Taipei, the total cost of the same dish, including 10% service charge, is NT$1650; quite a premium. At least the cost is about the same as the branch in Hong Kong, where the English Cut is HK$451 (410 plus 10% service charge) or around NT$1680.


  1. You can get buy 1 and get 1 free on certain a la carte items in HK IF you have Amex platinum or black card. But unfortunately I am not a fan of Lawry's. I prefer Bistecca Fiorentina...

  2. Ug, american beef... I wouldn't eat it even if Lawry's offered it free.

    Nothing can compare to Kobe and Miyazaki beef.