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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pierre Hermé

A colleague of mine was on a business trip to Europe and couldn't return as scheduled due to the Icelandic volcanic ash; she was stuck in Paris for six extra days. I suppose if one has to choose a place to be stuck in, Paris is a good one. It also meant she wasn't able to contribute as much to a competition we were working on. Nevertheless, a crisis is also an opportunity.

Given that she had time to spare, I asked her to swing by Pierre Hermé to pick up something to bring back. She stayed on la rive droite so she only managed to go to the boutique on Rue Cambon and brought back a box of chocolates. They were great and reminded me of why I like Hermé so much.

Unfortunately Hermé doesn't have a store in Taipei. But why not? Some of his famous colleagues, namely, Eric Kayser, Joël Robuchon, and Sadaharu Aoki are already here. Therefore, I would like to make a plea to Chef Pierre Hermé. If you ever decide to open another boutique, please do it in Taipei.

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