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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Vera started at Fuhsing kindergarten this week. So far she seems pretty happy with the school, teachers, and classmates. Fuhsing is actually where I went for kindergarten and elementary school. However, the school is very different now.

Fuhsing has K to 12 now instead of K to 9 when I was there. The school is still located at the same place, but the campus is completely different with all new buildings, certainly a vast improvement. The school now has bilingual education starting in first grade. Even the kindergarten has English classes. The school now provides breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack, which is much easier for the parents. When I was in elementary school, I had to bring lunch in a metal bento box. Fuhsing has even modified the school logo.

What hasn't changed is the color of the uniforms for kindergarten and elementary school. It is still green and white; not my favorite color combination in clothes.

At least the uniforms are now made of all cotton, there used to be quite a bit of polyester.


  1. bilingual school! so does this mean that you guys may not plan to send the kids to TAS later?

  2. I'm sure Vera looks adorable in green and white stripes - reminds me of Steve in Blue's Clues :)

  3. That must be a weird feeling to be sending your own daughter to your childhood school. I've thought about that concept for my kid, though it's highly unlikely considering I have no plans to move back to my hometown. My school is completely changed too; I've driven past it on my way to visit my parents. This must be fun for you. =o)

  4. What comes around, goes around. I see Princeton...