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Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Ju Ming Museum was established in 1999 by the Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming 朱銘 to display his works. The museum is located at 金山, north of the city of Taipei. This weekend we took the hour long drive to visit the museum for the first time.

The museum is mostly outdoor and contained numerous works by Ju, including his Living World series, Nativist series, and Taichi series. The Taichi series are probably the most famous ones by Ju and remain my favorite.

The Taichi series are more abstract than Ju's other works. They are also more dynamic with more interplays of light and shadow.

The pieces often create very intriguing negative spaces.

The surfaces of the sculpture have textures that add to the spatial qualities of the works.

Since no museum can exist without a gift store, Ju Ming has one as well. At Ju Ming not only can one buy the usual t-shirts and bags, there are also Taichi cookies.

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