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Friday, April 3, 2009


The apartment in Taipei has a small room, roughly 3.3m x 2.8m, which we use as a study. We have furnished the room very simply with several items from Ikea: Billy bookshelves line the two walls and contain roughly all of my books on architecture; a Jorun area rug, around NT$1695; and a white Kulla ceiling lamp with a 23w warm white (2700k) compact fluorescent bulb. The metal table is from Jean Nouvel's Less collection for Unifor, which we had for several years now. The chair is the Ply-Chair by Jasper Morrison for Vitra. I spend quite a bit of my time in this room, mainly to use the white HP laptop to surf the web, email, blog, and skype.


  1. pictures of the kids? We're dying to see them so please post them :)

  2. Love it! Ya make Ikea look fabulous.