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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Long Journey

Last Friday our 20-foot container was finally delivered to our apartment in Taipei. It was a two months long journey that started in New York in early January.

A crew of six, including the driver spent a whole day packing and moving our things, which almost exceeded the space of the container.

The container was then driven to Newark and loaded on to a ship a week later. The ship traveled on the sea for about 10660 nautical miles and arrived in Keelung after around 33 days.

After clearing custom, the local mover drove the container into our small alley in Taipei and parked it in front of our apartment building.

The custom in Taiwan did open the container doors but didn't seem to move any of the contents inside.

A crew of five moved everything in the container into our apartment in half a day. Now we probably need to spend two weeks to put everything in place.

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  1. every time i move, i always wonder where did i accumulate all that stuff!? but then again, packing your home into one box does not seem too bad...