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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to School

Today Vera went to a new pre-school in Taipei named Happy Kids. The curriculum of the school is similar to the ones in the U.S. and everything is conducted in English. Vera's main teacher is from Wisconsin. There are around eighteen kids in her class. For the four to five year old kids, the five days a week classes start at nine in the morning and end at three in the afternoon. The kids need to bring lunch to school everyday. Therefore, a few days ago we bought Vera a new Hello Kitty lunch box. We now need to think what to prepare for Vera's lunch. For today's lunch Vera had a prosciutto and provolone cheese sandwich with some pickles and grapes on the side. Tomorrow's lunch will probably be braised short ribs with carrots from our dinner tonight. There is also a half hour nap time after lunch and the kids are encouraged to bring their own pillows and blankets.


  1. so i see that cooking western food continues in taiwan... how was the prosciutto? did you find jamon iberico?

  2. I haven't found Iberico yet, but I haven't been looking too hard. I didn't try the prosciutto so I don't know if it is any good. I got it from the take out corner at American Club.

  3. You bought her Hello Kitty? She's supposed to be a "Nick" kid. What happened?